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What’s in the capsule?

I read this week about a company that have been prosecuted for misrepresenting the quality of their deer velvet product by using carob powder as a filler. This highlights the need to get to know your supplier and learn where your product is coming from, because for the consumer, one deer velvet product can look

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Why must we remove deer antlers?

First and foremost, we must remove the antlers from Deer before the ‘Roar’ or mating season to prevent them harming each other. In New Zealand this is March through to May. It’s called the ROAR for a reason and our stags can be heard for miles around bellowing out their unique sound. Cold frosty weather

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Canes Deer Velvet and WADA

We at Canes Deer Velvet wish to inform professional athletes fully on the information that is currently available regarding the use of Deer Velvet and the stance of WADA (the World Anti Doping Agency) and Drug-free sport

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Canes Deer Velvet Loyalty Programme

We have a Loyalty Programme in place to reward our loyal customers with extra savings. We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, there are no cards to keep in your wallet or points to collect – we’ll do the counting for you.

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