Moving on…

a herd of deer standing on top of a grass covered field.

Today marks the end of almost 33 years of living in one place. This weekend we moved from the farmhouse we built and raised the family in – chocka block full of family memories, so it was certainly hard to leave that behind. We have not gone far, just a 5k drive to the north. It’s a decision that suits the farm for now. Our employee and her family are moving into the farmhouse, and we get to create more of a line between work and home life.  A line that has been very blurred in the past.

So it’s been a big week, both physically and emotionally. I will miss many things about living right there on the farm. Not least of all looking out the window of office or living area to see the deer doing their thing, just a few meters from home. Happy to say that I’ve taken plenty of photos to reflect upon,  and we will still be there on a daily basis soaking in all the fabulous sights and sounds of farm life.

Talk soon!

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