It’s not all about the supplements!

a man leaning on a wall with headphones on.

Even though NZ is tracking well with Covid management, many parts of the world are still struggling, and lets face it, there is never a bad time to focus on our immune systems.

So many things play into our health and well-being, and supplements are just one of them. We all have different bodies, different lifestyles and therefore different needs and I wont profess to be an expert in yours. I am confident that Canes Deer Velvet is a great all around product that has specific researched benefits for the immune system, but there is so much more to the picture.

All together now….Lets remind ourselves to:

• Wash hands often! And dry them well. (I know you heard that before somewhere!!) Washing is prefereble to using sanitiser if you can.

• Be aware of, and manage our thoughts! Fear and anxiety release chemicals in the body which have a negative effect on the immune system. If your mind is getting away on your try this mantra.
“I am happy, I am healthy, I am safe”
Its works a treat in many circumstances, especially when you are trying to sleep. If you feel that stress is really affecting you, you are not alone in that. please make contact with one of the many support services available.

• Exercise daily. 30-40 mins exercise a day. Getting heart rate up, (ideally get into a sweat) is well known to support our mental-well being , but much less talked about are the benefits for the immune system. Among other things, it helps us detoxify, lessening the load on the immune system!

•Keep the water intake up. It helps with that detoxifying too.

• Choose wisely what you eat. Whenever possible, keep up with loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. I’m no vege gardener, but I planted kale and bok choy pre lock-down, and lo and behold they grew themselves into lots of low cost meals without any help from me. Do your best to stay away from anything with numbers! Artificial flavours, preservatives, highly processed foods confuse the body.

• Choose wisely what you put on your skin too. Remember it drinks it, so the more natural it is, the less work your body has to do, and the stronger it will be. Skin sanitiser is everywhere at the moment, but it is adding to our chemical load so as I said, lets handwash if possible.

• Keep up the social contact with your loved ones, and to people who may need a friend. It’s been a lonely old time this isolation, but we are so very lucky to have all sorts of technology to help us, and there is always the trusty old telephone or the 2m chat across the fence.

• Fresh air and sunshine, the best remedy ever. Just ask you grandparents! And open up the home as well to let some inside! Mold is really hard on the immune system so keep a good watch out for it lurking, especially in winter.

• Do something you love each day.

• Do you enjoy good and regular sleep? A tricky one for many. It’s a whole blog subject in itself, but if you need help in this area reach out and get some assistance. Ideally stay off your electronic devices for 1-2 hours before bed, the bright blue light in most screens, tells our body it is morning! Try using the night settings if you do choose to be on a device after dark.

I know none of that is rocket science, but if you are anything like me work, and life itself can get in the way of looking after ourselves. Give yourself permission to look after the most important thing in you life – YOU! Your immune system will thank you for it!

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