Canes Deer Velvet Capsules

Deer velvet is a remarkable gift of nature that has been used for centuries all over the world. Canes Deer Velvet supplements are packed full of nutrients that your body uses every day to support:

Deer velvet is a remarkable gift of nature that has been used for centuries all over the world. Canes Deer Velvet supplements are packed full of nutrients that your body uses every day to support:


You deserve to live life to the full, with a body that welcomes it!

Whether you are a rapidly growing teen, trying to recover from an injury or joint ailment, or just want to keep nice and active – Canes Deer Velvet has all the goodies that the body uses to maintain your joints in tip top shape.
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We can ALL benefit from a strong immune system.

Deer Velvet has been shown both in history and in research to have a beneficial effect on our immunity, and in more ways than one!
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With healthy circulation, everything just functions better!

Healthy circulation means that oxygen and nutrients are effectively delivered around the body, and waste products are cleared more efficiently. This results in improved energy levels, brain health, and healing.
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Athletes demand a lot of their bodies, and so do many others.

Deer Velvet supplements assist the body to meet these demands, and offer measurable effects on strength, energy and recovery. Find out why top NZ rugby players Sam Cane and Aidan Ross choose to take Canes Deer Velvet capsules as part of their daily routine.
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sam cane standing next to a goal post holding a rugby ball and canes deer velvet capsules.

"I wouldn't be without it."

“I’m an international rugby player for New Zealand. I’ve been very lucky to take Canes Deer Velvet since I was 14 years old. It’s an important part of my nutrition regime. Its wide range of benefits supports my rugby career and lifestyle perfectly. It allows me to recover quicker after training and games, and has been hugely beneficial in helping me bounce back from injury. I wouldn’t be without it.”

Sam Cane – Hamilton, NZ

Professional rugby player

Canes Deer Velvet supplements offer all of these vital nutrients in one powerful capsule


For healthy skin and hair, but also a vital structural protein in cartilage, providing it with elasticity and shock absorbing properties, and a strong framework to hold the other cells.

Growth Factors

Growth Factors of bone, cartilage, nerves, skin, hair and circulation. These unique growth factors are what make Deer Velvet exceptional! Encouraging restoration and repair and enhancing the uptake of other nutrients.  Learn more…


Minerals include Calcium (12%) Magnesium and Phosphorus to aid in the fight against Osteoporosis. Also Sulphur, Sodium, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, Iron, Selenium and Manganese. Learn more…

Fatty acids, Omega 3 and Lipids

Including Lecithin, known to be involved in breakdown of cholesterol.

These are major basic nutrients used by the body in the production, maintenance, and repair of all joint structures including cartilage, bone, tendons, ligaments and joint fluids.

a bottle of canes deer velvet new zealand.
a white bowl filled with lots of deer velvet capsules and the raw deer velvet powder.

Anti-inflammatory regulars

Prostoglandins – Assist cell function and support the body in regulating inflammation and swelling, and therefore pain. Also helpful in minimising recovery times after physical workouts.

Amino Acids

Necessary for providing energy, muscle action, recovery and repair. CANES DEER VELVET contains 47% protein and includes over 30 amino acids and essential amino acids. Learn more…

Blood factors

Involved in blood production, including white blood cells to support the immune system and red blood cells for oxygen carrying capacity of blood. Significant for energy, mental stamina and for athletes wishing to maxmise performance.

Precursors to hormones

Raw materials to assist the body to maintain optimum hormone balance.

Simply replenish the nutrients, let your body work its healing and restoration magic…

…and you can get on with living life to the full!

two bottles of canes deer velvet capsules next to each other.

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