Fencing and waterways

a fenced in area with a bunch of logs.

We’ve currently got a big fencing project on the go, replacing ‘cow fencing’ with deer fencing, I have to admit, I’m not out there doing it but Malcolm sure is and has been putting in some big days/weeks, and we cant speak highly enough of S&S fencing who are helping us. I’m simply staying warm in the office and getting the progress reports – the daily update says we 50% of the way through it. Much of the fencing is along the edge of a gully so a bit of a slow job.

At the same time we milled the mature trees from the gully. The farm is predominantly gently rolling land, and when it rains heavy this gully becomes a waterway. It is classed as a conservation area and we keep it planted with trees both sides to slow the water, thereby minimising the excess nutrients running of the farm, and also preventing erosion. This area has been manged in this way for over 30 years and it works well.

So its been all go… but that is nothing unusual around here!

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