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Want to keep living life to the full? – We’ll help you do just that!
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a deer farmer with a nursing background and a real passion for science and health. 

 My mission is to help people live their life to the full by offering something cleverly created by our deer, as a dietary supplement – Canes Deer Velvet capsules.

Our customers are busy humans who care about their bodies, and want to maintain that fragile balance of health and well-being in an increasingly hectic and challenging environment OR those who are playing catch up, and already have some deterioration setting in.  

Often, we happily spend money on maintaining our vehicles and homes, but are more reluctant to do so with our own bodies. While diet, exercise, and clean living can go so far,  our bodies sometimes struggle to keep up with demands and then injuries, aches and pains become increasingly troublesome. This is because some of the vital nutrients the body uses to maintain our joints and general well-being, have become depleted. 

On the flipside, it’s astounding how well the body heals when it has what it needs. With Canes Deer Velvet on board, the body is refueled and able to work magic in healing and restoration, and you are left to get on with living your best life – and that’s my Mission accomplished! 



Malcolm loves the outdoors and sees his every day of farming deer as “living the dream”

It all started here in Reporoa 50+ years ago. Malcolm and I both grew up on local dairy farms, met each other at high school and married at the age of 21.

I trained and worked as a nurse and Malcolm worked initially as a fencing and hay contractor. In 1988 we purchased our first property in Reporoa. We worked both on and off the farm and were soon joined by 3 children who enjoyed a busy and varied childhood. They are now all grown up, following careers of their own, and beginning to bring grandchildren into our lives. Yay!

Outside of work and family time, I volunteer in the management of both Health Reporoa, the local nursing service, and the Empowered Learning Trust, a  group who identify children with learning difficulties. Malcolm has a keen interest in sport and especially rugby.

“For 34 years we have been growing and perfecting both our farming systems and the breeding of our deer herd, and we now proudly produce velvet of a quality that is highly sought after.”

“This is the velvet that goes into Canes Deer Velvet capsules, and it comes directly from our place to yours.”

the canes family
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'Canes Care About Quality'
Integrity & Effectiveness

“When we began this journey of producing our own deer velvet capsules we said “If we we’re going to do this, we we’re going to do it well”

At that moment, we committed to offering the best high end premium deer velvet product we possibly could. As a result we are fully confident Canes Deer Velvet offers excellent value for customers.

How do we guarantee this? Because we maintain ownership “From our place to yours” – right from production on the farm, throughout all stages of processing and all the way to our customers. So we know exactly what is in our capsules.

Caring and Connecting

In this increasingly online world, we tend to connect less with people we do business with  –  I don’t like that! 

Despite being on the other end of a screen in New Zealand, I love to chat with my customers, to hear their story and their health challenges. 

My nursing background and keen interest in science and health means I have studied the research and have a thorough knowledge of how Canes Deer Velvet supplements interact with the body to bring about benefits and I would love to help you decide if it is right for you .. or not (and yes, I will be honest!) 

So…don’t hesitate…I’m here and ready to chat either right now, or we will schedule the soonest time that suits us both.



Quality not only means producing a quality product, it also encompasses care of New Zealand’s precious clean environment, our animals, our partners and our own team.

At Canes Deer Farm we take all possible steps to ensure:

And…we guarantee that no GM crops or artificial hormones are ever used on Canes Deer Farm 

Our partners

Deer Velvet is classified as an animal product, and the requirements for production fit under the New Zealand Animal Products Act 1999.

Our manufacturing partners have been chosen with attention to detail. They operate under the NZ Govt approved Risk Management Programme (RMP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. We have been working with them for over 24 years and value this long term partnership.

We also partner with the NZ Deer Industry who oversee standards, traceability, animal welfare in addition to partnering with researchers, and developing markets for NZ Deer Products.



Everyday, we aspire to:
Honour the gift of nature creating Canes Deer Velvet.
Maintain a great team around us:
Grow our reputation and brand awareness as:
Connect and grow with:

The REAL grass, our REAL deer, get to eat everyday.
Nature at its best

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