Why did Lia take velvet up a mountain?

Our youngest daughter Lia is 25 years old and has been traveling the world since she was just 18, visiting more than 70 countries, and she has not let a pandemic stop her.  In 2017 she climbed the 5895m to the summit of Mt Kilamanjaro, and since then has had a dream to climb an

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What’s happening down on the deer farm?

Summer is a wonderfully busy time on a deer farm. Here’s what happens… From August onwards stags grow new velvet, and every 2 or 3 days from October to December we spend the day in the deer shed removing it. There is lots of sorting involved as each stag has his velvet ready at a

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Fencing and waterways

We’ve currently got a big fencing project on the go, replacing ‘cow fencing’ with deer fencing, I have to admit, I’m not out there doing it but Malcolm sure is and has been putting in some big days/weeks, and we cant speak highly enough of S&S fencing who are helping us. I’m simply staying warm

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Lets talk about Collagen

Collagen has rapidly gained popularity in recent years as people have realised its value in supporting the body systems involved in maintenance of skin, hair, nails and joints. It also has benefits for healing the gut, muscles and heart health. What many people don’t realise, is that Collagen is a major constituent of deer velvet

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It’s not all about the supplements!

Even though NZ is tracking well with Covid management, many parts of the world are still struggling, and lets face it, there is never a bad time to focus on our immune systems. So many things play into our health and well-being, and supplements are just one of them. We all have different bodies, different

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Moving on…

Today marks the end of almost 33 years of living in one place. This weekend we moved from the farmhouse we built and raised the family in – chocka block full of family memories, so it was certainly hard to leave that behind. We have not gone far, just a 5k drive to the north.

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Farmers Weekly: “Velvet quality keeps improving”

This article was written by Annette Scott and originally published in Farmers Weekly on 6 April 2020. The article is good… the photo however shows overgrown antler, rather than deer velvet so it’s a bit misleading as overgrown antler would not be used in a high quality velvet product. We’ve been in touch to offer

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How are we taking care of you during the Covid-19 outbreak?

With farming and food production considered an essential service, we will keep sending Canes Deer Velvet out to the world during all levels of isolation. It’s important, because it supports the immune system in several different ways and helps the body to heal following tissue damage. Here’s how we are doing things to ensure the

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Last week on the farm

While most of New Zealand, and much of the world even, is in lock-down for reasons we are all aware of, farmers are considered essential services so life goes on pretty much as usual for us, with a few modifications to keep us all safe. This awesome team have been putting in the hours in

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