Canes Deer Velvet and WADA

a brochure with a picture of deer antlers.

We at Canes Deer Velvet wish to inform professional athletes fully on the information that is currently available regarding the use of Deer Velvet and the stance of WADA (the World Anti Doping Agency) and Drug-free sport. It is important that you are informed, to protect both ourselves and you as an athlete.
You may be aware there has been bad press in the past around the use of Deer Velvet, however, these reports did not relate to Deer Velvet capsules.

In every case that caused concern in the media, it referred to a manufactured/adulterated product of IGF-1 concentrate.  Deer Velvet was named as the source of the concentrate. This concentrate – no longer considered a Deer Velvet product – is now an ‘extract’ of IGF-1 for sublingual use. Unfortunately, marketers of this product continued to use the words “deer velvet” in their promotions and this is how Deer Velvet got a questionable reputation.

The oral consumption of a whole velvet product eg capsules is very different to an IGF-1 product administered sublingually. At the time of writing, Deer Velvet itself is not a banned substance under WADA, but IGF-1 concentrates are.  It is true that Deer Velvet capsules contain a small amount of IGF-1, and in its pure form, this is a prohibited substance.  However, IGF-1 occurs naturally in many foods, and 2 x 500mg Deer Velvet capsules contain much the same amount of IGF as a glass of milk or a steak.  Colostrum also contains IGF-1.

Canes Deer Velvet’s current batch 13718 has undergone rigorous batch testing (by an ISO 17025 accredited sports anti-doping laboratory), for a range of substances banned by WADA to provide the highest level of assurance that they are safer for athletes to use. (Confirmation of results is available on request).

If you trust your supplier and know exactly what you are getting then pure 100% powdered quality Deer Velvet taken orally is considered acceptable.  We have several professional athletes taking Canes Deer Velvet long term, whilst undergoing regular drug testing to WADA specifications without any problem. Confirmation available on request.

We are completely confident in our product. Because we farm the deer ourselves and maintain control throughout the processing, we know exactly what is in our product. Our contract processor is accredited under the NSF International Certified for Sports Programme (USA)

Disclaimer: Canes Deer Products Ltd provide this information in good faith, and to the best of our knowledge but the decision to consume our product remains your own, and the responsibility lies with yourselves alone. Because we have no control over other factors or intake which may also contribute to unfavourable test result, Canes Deer Products take no responsibility for any such results

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