Benefits of Deer Velvet – Circulation, Healing, Brain Health & Energy

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With healthy circulation everything simply functions better!

If you have poor blood circulation or need support with healing, you’ll be pleased to know that Deer Velvet antler supports the body to develop a new blood supply and healthy blood cells.

Exciting research has confirmed how it can enhance new blood vessel development in wounds, and promote peripheral circulation in general.

In fact many of the benefits of Deer Velvet can be attributed to improved blood circulation, as this results in efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients around the body, and effective removal of waste products – especially relevant to athletes!

Improved circulation has the widespread effect of optimising function in all areas of the body, and often consumers will use it for one thing, and find it helping in additional unexpected ways.

Think improved energy levels, brain function and healing. In fact Deer Velvet antler has been used for centuries as a tonic for conditions as diverse as these, which are all reliant on healthy circulation;

      • Anaemia
      • Blood pressure (high and low)
      • Skin disorders
      • Migraine headaches
      • Gout
      • Promoting longevity/anti-ageing
      • and to support healing of fractures, wounds and ulcers.

 Erythropoietic factors, growth factors, amino acids, fatty acids and lipids are all found naturally in Canes Deer Velvet and make it an ideal supplement to support the maintenance of healthy circulation in our later years. The NUTRIENTS page explains their actions in more detail. 

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Here's a little food for thought...

In China and Korea, students often take Velvet while studying for exams. There is widespread belief that it improves mental capacity. A phospholipid found in Velvet, along with improved circulation and increased availability of neuro-transmitters to the brain are thought to be responsible for the benefits in mental function.


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