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Getting The Most Out of Life – Sir Bob Charles

Sir Bob Charles over 65 years young and arguably the most successful left-hander to play professional golf. He has notched up 75 professional wins, the 1963 British Open title and is the 6th highest money-earner of all time on the United States Senior PGA Tour.

During this illustrious career, Sir Bob has consistently taken dietary supplements and alternative medicine remedies to maintain good health.

“New Zealand velvet antler has assisted me in a number of areas, One area in particular has been supporting healthy joint function. Obviously, my wrists have borne a large workload, and I feel that taking velvet antler allows me to maintain flexibility and joint function.”

Scientists have yet to find the mechanism through which velvet antler may assist healthy joint function.* One suggestion is that growth factors in velvet antler involved with the normal growth of the antler could act to support joint function. Wang (1996) discovered a unique ingredient in velvet antler that may assist healthy joint function.* Further research is ongoing.

“But more than supporting healthy joint function, I believe that taking New Zealand velvet antler helps my general good health and energy levels”, continues Sir Bob. “I began taking New Zealand velvet antler because of its long tradition of use in Chinese medicine, in which I have a particular interest. I tried velvet antler and have continued taking it for nearly a decade because I believe it helps me. I am told my experience is consistent with its use in Chinese Medicine as a general wellness tonic”.
Sir Bob Charles

Sir Bob spends the bulk of his time either on the US Senior Golf Tour or between his homes in Florida and his native New Zealand. And the future for Sir Bob? Well the sky’s the limit, but his medium term plan is to compete in the New Zealand Open in 2004, a tournament that he first won 50 years earlier in 1954 at the tender age of 18.

Cycling – Glen Thomson

The entire New Zealand cycling team took New Zealand Deer Velvet while competing at the 2001 Cycling World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium.

“A virus resulted in reactive arthritis which left me unable to ride, train and most importantly unable to compete in the World Championships in Berlin, which I had trained for all year. Deer velvet was a key ingredient in my recovery and within 2 months I was back on my bike and training for the Sydney 2000 Olympics”.
Glen Thomson
NZ Olympic Games Cycling Team

High Energy Achiever – Hamish Carter

Triathlete Hamish Carter knew at eight that he wanted to be a world champion. Nineteen years later, he’s rated No. 1 in the world. And he credits New Zealand deer velvet as a big factor in that success. What does it take to be No. 1 Triathlete? Hamish Carter has been described as not so much a triathlete but three athletes in one body: a good swimmer, a strong cyclist and a top runner. He’s so fit his resting heart rate is an exceptional 30.

But while having a strong, lean and well-balanced body is a great start, it’s the combination of a demanding training schedule, mental fitness and sheer dedication which turns natural talent into international recognition.

Champion in the World Cup series, his longer term sights are focused on the 2000 Sydney Olympics. It’s a good omen that he’s never lost a race on the Sydney course.

A heavy training programme and travelling on the 10 match international triathlon World Cup circuit is draining. Tiredness is a constant, despite scheduled resting time and taking in high levels of energy food to fuel his very high metabolism.

Where did the involvement with deer velvet come from? Carter’s early sporting passion was rowing, competing for Auckland Grammar in the Maadi Cup. Fellow rower Murdoch Dryden (now a marketing executive with the NZGIB) suggested he might like to try velvet after research indicated its potential for athletes. The results were a pleasant surprise. He explains:

“I like the idea of helping to promote a natural New Zealand health product which has got solid research behind it. I get lots of unsolicited products, making all kinds of claims which aren’t scientifically backed up. Obviously keeping my body totally healthy and tuned is essential as an athlete, so I’m very careful about what I take.”

How does velvet work for you? “I’ve been taking velvet since February 1998. I take two capsules morning and night, 1000-1200 mg per day.

“From time to time I monitor its effect by stopping the capsules, and I feel better and recover faster when I’m taking the velvet than when not,” he says.

“I can’t prove it scientifically, but I’m sure taking velvet has the potential to give me the incremental assistance in my training that all athletes strive for. That can make the difference between winning and just missing out, and so it’s invaluable.

“I often train with the New Zealand swimming team, and Nick Tongue and Trent Bray who also take velvet say they find the same thing,”
Hamish Carter

1999 Finalist Halberg Sportsperson of the Year. Champion in the 1998 World Cup series Runner-up in the 1997 World Championships after back-to-back wins in Cancun and Sydney Trains six days per week, covering 20 km swimming, 250 km cycling and 80 km running.

Marathon Effort – Allan Sinclair

Sports nutritionAt age 45, Allan Sinclair is not the youngest person running marathons. But when you consider that he runs 200-240 km per week training for them, and achieves times around the 2h22 mark, you would think he was.
While velvet antler is not the primary reason for Allan’s excellent condition – that’s his own consistent hard work and commitment – there is scientific literature beginning to amass that indicates velvet antler may assist in these areas.

A traditional use of velvet antler is to assist the immune system at the beginning of winter. In a laboratory trial, scientists measured lymphocyte (white blood cells that underpin the body’s immune system response to disease causing agents) proliferation when treated with a water based extract of velvet antler. This was compared to a positive control. Scientists concluded that extracts of New Zealand velvet show ability to support the immune system.

Following many comments like Allan’s and some other scientific trials, velvet antler’s effect on muscular recovery following exercise was studied in late 1999. The study was a double blind, placebo controlled human clinical trial. The study produced some statistically significant results, possibly indicating better supported muscles following exercise. More work is required and further human clinical trials are currently underway at the University of East Tennessee.

“Although, I’m an athlete, I would point out that you do not need to be an athlete to take velvet antler. Probably the biggest benefit I gain from it, is the boost it provides my general well being, and because I feel better, life takes on a rosier glow”.
Allan Sinclair

Cross code athlete РJannene Harker

Sports NutritionJannene has achieved a rare feat. She has been a New Zealand representative in three different codes; Judo, Water Polo and Surf Life Saving – and was World Women’s Surf Ski Champion 96-98. She uses NZ Deer Velvet to keep on top of it all. Here is what she had to say:

“I have been trialing NZ Deer Velvet for approximately 6 months.

During that time I have been working at three jobs totaling a 62 hour week and travelling over 1000km a week to coordinate my work and training.

Even with this heavy workload I have been able to maintain a constant training programme of 8-10 sessions per week. The main changes I have noted are:

1. My strength in the gym has been assisted. Due to my work commitments, I am only doing one to two weight sessions per week – only enough to maintain strength. However I have noticed a significant increase in not only the weights I am moving but on the eccentric phase of muscle contraction.

2. I am able to back up sessions with more intensity. I am 8-10 years older than my training partners and competitors, however I have felt fresher on the afternoon sessions and have been able to extract some quality from the session.

3. With such a busy schedule, I suffer from sore throats, flu and slumps in my competitive season. The health of my immune system has been helped by deer velvet.

Since taking deer velvet I have felt a sustained strength on the blade that has been missing in recent years. I can only put this down to deer velvet.

I can definitely recommend deer velvet to anyone wishing to compete in sport or maintain a healthy lifestyle”.
Jannene Harker

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