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Why did Matt Wallbank selflessly run 654 km in October?

In 2020 654 New Zealander’s made the excruciating call to end their own life. Many of us have experienced the loss of loved ones in this way and every time there is indescribable pain for all that are affected.

During October 21, Matt Wallbank selflessly ran a sponsored kilometre for each and every one of them. That’s a lot of running… and took a lot of training too. Canes Deer Velvet were on board to help him reach his goal.   I had a chat with Matt about his motivation and how he planned to raise money for I AM HOPE so that young New Zealander’s can access free counselling and learn the skills to manage negative feelings and live their lives to the full.   Because that’s something we want as well.


And heres another podcast with Matt and Professional rugby player Dwayne Sweeny, and we get a mention at the 28 minute mark. Thanks guys! you can find it here on instagram


How we supported Matt

We supported Matt to achieve his goal in 4 ways.

  • By sharing his fundraiser story far and wide, to assist him in reaching his goal of having every km he runs for a life lost in 2020, sponsored with a donation to I AM HOPE. We share his wish that others can avoid this path and the pain that goes with it.

  • We sponsored a km for each of 4 family and friends we have lost in this way over the years.

  • We supplied Matt with Canes Deer Velvet capsules to support his body through the demanding days of running. It’s packed full of nutrients that his body used a lot of, and topping them up each day helped him stay strong and kept his joints well nourished. Research suggests he could expect almost a 10% improvement in strength and aerobic ability, and faster muscle repair and recovery times. You can find out more on that at Sports Nutrition

  • We donated 10% of all October sales of Canes Deer Velvet to Matt’s fundraiser.  A massive thank you to all our fantastic customers who supported us either with direct donations (one even came all the way from Andy in Scotland!) or through buying Canes Deer Velvet and thereby contributing to our very meaningful donation at the end of October.

Congratulations Matt on raising a total of over $13000 for I AM HOPE.

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