Joint Testimonials

Joint Health Testimonials

Read through some of our testimonials from customers using Canes Deer Velvet for joint health purposes.

“I have severe arthritis in one of my hips and before taking Canes Deer Velvet the pain was constant and severe. Within a month of taking 4 250mg capsules/day the pain subdued and now after 3 months the pain has virtually disappeared.”
Willie Whyte, Lamington – Scotland


“Both my wife and I suffer from arthritis in our hips and since we started taking Canes Deer Velvet 2 years ago the pain has basically disappeared. We have stopped all visits to our Osteopath. We take 3 capsules per day and have 2 ski-ing trips a year with no pain!!!”
Stuart A Wilson D.O., M.R.O. Resgistered Osteopath, Lanark, Scotland


“Dear Canes Deer Products, Just a short note to let you know how helpful your Deer Velvet capsules are for me. I have got arthritis in my fingers and have tried many different products for my painful fingers and after taking your capsules for only a fortnight the pain had gone. I am so grateful. I have just started on my second bottle and will certainly be keeping up with them. So thank you.”
Mr A Barr, Quothquan – Scotland


“I have suffered from an arthritic ankle for over 20 years following an injury in my teens. Over the years I have tried various pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs which have had limited effect.
In the last four years since I have taken Deer Velvet on a regular basis, I have experienced a vast improvement. As a result I suffer from less stiffness and virtually no pain. I have not experienced any side effects and would wholly recommend this product”
Mrs J Tangaroa, Rotorua


“I have had 3 operations on my knees. After the last one the doctor told me that my right knee looked like a moon landscape and he advised me to hold on as long as possible before having an operation to get artificial knee’s. I have since tried several supplements and medicine and nothing helped. I had a lot of pain and could not walk the stairs.
In 2001 I began using Canes Deer Velvet. After 2 bottles I had less pain and later on I walked better. Now I have no pain, I walk the stairs, and can walk about 6 a 7 kilometres. Most importantly, I have not been back to the specialist and I still have my own knees, so I am very happy that I found Canes Deer Velvet and I intend, using them as long as possible.”
Henny van Burgel – Netherlands


“Just to let you know I’ve been taking Canes Deer Velvet for several months now and having had severe back problems – torn discs – which affected my athletics considerably. I’ve just returned from the World Veteran Athletics Championships with a Bronze medal for teams cross country and a Gold medal for the 2km steeplechase.
5months back in March, I could not compete in this event due to pain! Some credit must surely go to your Deer Velvet! Thank you.”
Vicky Adams, New Plymouth NZ


“I have been a sufferer of Arthritis for the past 20 years and have taken a large number of prescription medications which do relieve pain to a certain degree but some do have nasty side effects. My doctor agreed with me trying other natural remedies to endeavour to find extra relief from the pain. To this end I have tried a number of remedies including various Deer remedies with limited results.
I began taking Canes Deer Velvet in September 1999, starting with 2 capsules per day. Within a period of 2-4 days I felt slight improvement in my joint pain which continued to improve as the weeks went by. Now after 4 months of taking these capsules I have achieved the following.
1. I have halved my pain and anti-inflammatory tablets
2. I am now sleeping uninterrupted for much longer, and am less restless.
From the results I have received, I can recommend Canes Deer Velvet to others looking for relief from pain”
Ngaire, Gisborne NZ


“1 to 2 Canes Deer Velvet capsules a day gives me back full movement and enables me to continue working without the pain associated with the first stages of OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome).”
Janet Horsfall, Wellington


“Since having cartilage repaired in both my knees they became stiff and arthritic. By taking Canes Deer Velvet Capsules they are now free of all pain enabling me to be more active.”
Marcia L, Auckland NZ

DISCLAIMER – Comments on this website have been offered freely by customers who describe their own experiences. Canes Deer Products make no claim that others will experience the same or similar results by using Canes Deer Velvet. We simply offer a nutritional product and each individual’s response will vary.

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