General Testimonials

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General testimonials from our customers

Read what our previous customers have said about their experience with Canes Deer Velvet

I have tried other supplements without much success. That is until I tried Canes Deer Velvet. My knee joints have had a fair amount of punishment over the years.Since I started on C.D.V I have noticed a more than substantial increase in joint mobility and a massive decrease in the aches and pain associated with it. One of the knock on effects is that I can now sleep through the night and not be woken by sore knee joints….a win win all round. I certainly notice the difference if I forget to take them.

Malcolm Burkes – New Zealand

I am 65 years old and suffer from an old Knee injury and general aches and pains. Since taking Canes Deer Velvet last year the aches and pains have virtually disappeared and my knee pain is now negligible. It has definitely made a difference to my quality of life. I am now down to only 2 250mg capsules/day”

Walter Ratter, Larkhall – Scotland

“I have been taking Deer Velvet for almost 2 years and during that time I have enjoyed a general feeling of well being and have remained free of the usual winter colds and flu.”

Morgan Donelley, Reporoa, NZ

“Dear Canes Thank you for producing such a wonderful product. I perform as a pirate both on stage and as a street performer and thus spend much time much time on my feet. With knees that have sustained numerous sports related injuries I dread thinking of the aches I’d face without Canes. I nearly gave up the life of a performing pirate before trying your product due to such pain. I’m happy to relate my hold up pretty well under the rigors of performing live steel sword combat along with other stages fights. When facing an event that promises to be a bit more strenuous than normal I simply increase the dose a week or so before to help my body recover from the increased activity. Thanks again for a great product

Silverbeard (aka Bob Chandler) RI USA

“Deer Velvet has been very successful in helping me minimize the symptoms of Pre Menstrual Syndrome. I took 750mg daily for 6 months, then reduced it slowly to 250mg daily. I have enjoyed the benefits of Deer Velvet for 3 years with absolutely no side effects.”

Margaret Houghton, Wharepapa, NZ

“I feel that Canes Deer Velvet has vastly improved my general well being and certainly my circulation. I had severe headaches for many years and they have disappeared completely. I will definitely continue using Canes Deer Velvet”

Mrs Mucie, Carluke – Scotland

“Canes Deer Velvet helps my general stiffness and neck problems. I certainly wouldn’t like to be without it. I also think it boosts the immune system and helps to keep you fit as get older.”

Jane Dickson, Sth Lanarckshire – Scotland

“I have found your product useful noticeably with circulation, please send more”

Judy, Nelson

“I am getting the same positive effects from Canes Deer Velvet, that I have noticed in the past, warm hands and feet and increased mental alertness and physical energy.”

Alan M, Ohio USA

“I just wanted to say thanks, your antler is of top quality and i’m very happy. I’ll be ordering a couple more bottles from you in a week or so! Thanks again for the great product and service.”

Isiah Rankins, WA USA

DISCLAIMER – Comments on this website have been offered freely by customers who describe their own experiences. Canes Deer Products make no claim that others will experience the same or similar results by using Canes Deer Velvet. We simply offer a nutritional product and each individual’s response will vary.


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