Deer Antler spray vs Deer Antler capsules – What is safe for athletes?

We have several professional athletes using Canes Deer Velvet as part of their routine to stay at optimum performance levels. Many of these are required to drug test regularly and therefore they cannot be consuming anything that contains banned chemicals.

Canes Deer Velvet is a completely natural supplement that simply boosts already occurring elements in the body, therefore our athletes do not have to worry about consuming supplements containing banned chemicals.
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Don’t take the risk

Concentrated extracts of IGF-1 for sub lingual used as a performance enhancer are a completely different product and their use may affect WADA drug test results. Some IGF sprays may contain extracts from New Zealand Deer Velvet, and therefore some manufacturers still refer to these products as Deer Antler or Deer Velvet. We do not sell Deer Antler spray, as we believe that by taking an extract, you are leaving behind so many of the other fantastic nutrients that will assist the body.

Keep yourself performing at your optimum without any risk by choosing Canes Deer Velvet capsules.