Adventure Team

Adventure Race Team

Team Powered by velvet.org.nz consists of group of athletes from an array of disciplines that are sponsored with velvet supplements by Deer Industry New Zealand. The team includes athletes from adventure racing, triathlon, surf sports and swimming.

Update on their success

13 April 2008 The Fairydown Southern Traverse at Hanmer Springs has been won by the experienced North Island based Powered by Velvet team, just over two hours ahead of their closest rivals, Icebreaker R & R Sport

As the winning team Powered by Velvet has gained an entry into the prestigious Adventure Racing World Championships in Brazil in August. Read more

17 December 2007 Powered by Velvet win Adventure Taupo Read more Adventure Race Team

Here’s what they say about NZ Deer Velvet:

“During the races I felt strong throughout. …”
Chris Morrissey, Singapore

“Velvet helped remove joint tiredness, and increases my strength…”
George Christison, Tutira (Hawke’s Bay)

“Using New Zealand deer velvet supplements, I’ve noticed improved recovery time during hard training phases. On top of that, I haven’t succumbed to Winter ills and chills and seem to have less wear and tear on joints and tendons.”
Morgan Foster, Hamilton

“New Zealand velvet has increased my endurance and strength in all disciplines – running, cycling and kayaking, and reduced recovery time between training sessions…”
Rhys Burns, Gisborne

“I feel that my recovery after longer sessions has been quicker…”
Ross Rotherham, Christchurch

“This stuff is awesome! Noticed much better recovery, therefore harder training next day.”
Sonya Clark, Auckland

“I found I began recovering from my training sessions much quicker once I started taking New Zealand deer velvet supplements…”
Willy Benson, North Shore

Meet the Team

Adventure Race Team
Rhys Burns
Sonya Clark
George Christison
Chris Morrissey

Johnny Collet
Julia Grant

Willy Benson

Surf Sports
Morgan Foster

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